Planet Earth have announced a 3rd series and we just lost our shit

Oct 16, 2017


Seamus M


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There’s something about the Planet Earth series which makes you lose control of your bowels, slap yourself on the face and cheer on a grass frog in fight with a wasp.


Well here we have it folks, Planet Earth III has been announced after 10 years in the making and we're really excited. We can only imagine the the kind of work that goes into it with 400 minutes of filming behind every one minute of footage.

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So, the undisputed champion of wildlife programs. The voice of Natural History. Sir David Attenborough (91) has introduced generations to the wonders of the planet for more than 60 years and we just can’t get enough of him. So in homage to Sir David Attenborough and his epic series we have compiled a whole bunch of facts for you to go through.


  • Planet Earth II took 3 years of filming to make 6 episodes.
  • Hans Zimmer composed the music and didn’t want to get in the way of Attenborough’s voice, so he considered him to be the lead instrument.

  • Attenborough recorded the script on a tape recorder while watching the episodes on a VHS tape.
  • Those straight outta the shell iguana’s being chased by a mass of snakes had never been captured on camera before and if you think those snakes had attitude check out this bad ass penguin.

  • There are 117 video shoots set in 40 countries across the planet.
  • Here’s one for you – A member of the crew, returned to his hotel room and found a Komodo Dragon chilling in his bathroom and shat all over the place. Yeah, check this out.
  • The swarm of flying locusts is one of the largest swarms ever recorded on film.
  • None of those little turtles died in the sequence when they got distracted by artificial lights on the beaches of Barbados.
  • Sir David Attenborough holds 32 honorary degrees from British Universities.
  • I can’t put an Attenborough list of amazing facts together and not mention his older brother Lord Richard Attenborough who played the eccentric developer in Steven Spielberg’s 1993 film Jurassic Park.

Remember the time when Radio one’s Greg James got Attenborough to narrate Adele’s intro to her video “Hello”? Well here it is. Well here it is.


Now we all know Sir David Attenborough parodies are everywhere. But here’s my favourite parody for the night club life in Yorkshire.


Well Sir David Attenborough has inspired us enough to include him in our Autumn Winter collection. Not sure if he goes climbing but we’re sure him or his team would appreciate it.

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