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Sep 13, 2017


Seamus M


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Idris Elba Chunk T-Shirt

The thing is Idris is up there and us mere mortals are down here conversing whether Pacific Rim is an innuendo or not.


Idris Elba Chunk T-Shirt

Award winning, Hackney born Idris, (yep we’re on first name terms now) is most commonly known for smashing out of the BBC tv show Luther, but he grabbed our attention in the US version of the Office portraying Charles Miner, an arch nemesis to Dunder Mifflin’s very own Michael Scott. Oh, and also doing his thing in The Wire, American Gangster, Beasts of No Nation and the bad ass Shere Khan in The Jungle Book remake. I know awesome right! He also voiced Fluke in Finding Dory which was the highest-grossing animation debut of all time and one in the bag for his grand kids.

Idris Elba Chunk T-Shirt

Here’s one for you, our London G performed and co-produced the intro on Jay Z’s “American Gangster” album and also featured the movie and ironically played a cop in the UK TV drama ‘The Bill’. Remember that scene when Denzel Washington (Frank Lucas) walked right up to Idris (Tango) and blew his freaking head right off in front of everyone, in the middle of the street, in broad daylight, alongside his brothers? Like, ahh shiieeet san! What a movie.


Crowned top of Chunk’s list of 10 Most Influential People Like, Ever and that’s official! Interestingly Time Magazine only featured him in their top 100 Most Influential People along side that North Korean bloke Kim Kong Umm.



So to summarise, we love Idris and we love the fact he’s been keeping busy and his star keeps rising. He’s signed up to another series of Luther (boom!) while currently starring in Stephen King’s “The Dark Tower” and as well as making his directorial debut on ‘Yardie’ more about that later. He also has a movie coming out soon with that Titanic lady who gets her boobs out.



And man he can rock a cheeky Chunk t-shirt.

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